Fizzy Pop – Lemon, Lime & Vanilla Wax Melt

£3.00 inc VAT

Mouth-watering combination of sweet yet refreshing lemon fragrance, with tangy line and sweet vanilla.

What we love

♥ Our wax melts are vegan, cruelty free, responsibly sourced, sustainable, eco-friendly and are all handmade with love and gratitude.

♥ As we only use the very highest quality products which offers only the very best blend making your home smell amazing but in a balanced and non-overpowering way.

♥ Not only have our wax melts have been designed to smell and look amazing but they are easy to snap and use and offer between 30 – 40 hours of beautiful home fragrance, each cube will last a minimum of 6 hours (3 x 2 hour burns).

♥ Packaged in recyclable RPET packaging produced in the UK using previously recycled material and is fully recyclable (meaning most roadside collections and recycling facilities will accept our packaging).

Please note. All wax melts may differ in colour due to each one being handmade, frosting may also appear this is natural when using wax and this will not affect the scent in anyway.

Mouth-watering combination of sweet yet refreshing lemon fragrance, with tangy line and sweet vanilla.

Safety Information

  • We are fully CPL compliant, and safety information can be found on our melts.
  • Wax Melts may produce an allergic reaction. Contains Geraniol, Geranyl acetate, d-Limonene.

How to use wax melts safely

To ensure you get the maximum benefits and enjoy our products safely, please follow our safety advice.

  • Please check packaging for safety and allergen advice. If a skin irritation or rash occurs get medical advice/ attention.
  • Only use your wax melts in an appropriate wax melt burner and never leave your burner unattended.
  • Check your burner regularly for hairline cracks or chips before use. Never use burners with cracks or chips as this can be a fire hazard.
  • Remove from packaging use a suitable amount of wax for the size of your wax burner. If you are not using an electric burner, then place a good quality, unscented, 2-hour tea light underneath the bowl and light the wick. Take care not to overfill your burner and do not add water.
  • Please ensure your burner is placed on an even, flat, heat resistance surface and in a safe place away from flammable materials, draughts, children, and pets. Electric burners are recommended to reduce risk.
  • Do not move your burner whilst it is lit or contains hot or molten wax.
  • The intensity of the aroma does depend on your room size, temperature of the room and amount of wax used, and for best results, always close your windows in the room you are burning the wax.
  • You may see smoke coming from your burner, this is usually evaporation of the essential or fragrance oil contained in the wax, and this will settle down but do check that your warmer isn’t getting too hot.
  • Once the wax is used, wait until the wax cools, and then gently apply pressure on one end / side of the wax until it pops out. You can always use cotton pads to soak up any melted wax, please dispose of this safely. Do not use metal or sharp objects to clean out wax as this may cause an injury or crack and damage the burner.
  • Do not use any wipes and/or cleaning chemicals/products to clean the burner.
  • Always store your wax melts safely and out of reach of children and animals.

And finally……..Although our melts look good enough to eat, they are not edible!